new year's eve?

Date: 1/21/2017

By ebearcoons

it was "the last day of spring break" but it also seemed to be new year's eve, camille and marko and i were going to go out somewhere, specifically somewhere "downtown" or "up germantown pkwy," either way that didn't happen. i guess marko had to something at home and camille was, of course, too tired. so i ended up with my family at gigi's house having a "fancy dinner" of chicken strips and mashed potatoes. during our meal, which for some reason we were eating on a fancied-up fold out table in their guest bedroom, i was sitting next to gigi and mom. about half-way through the meal, gigi handed me a VERY FULL glass and said "you want some-it's pretty good" now, because they had some for charlie and (i guess) it was new year's, i thought this unknown beverage was sparking apple cider or sparking grape juice, however i was wrong, yes it was tasty and i very much enjoyed it, but next thing i knew i was waking up in their library on a table. when i woke up my mom got up from the living room and came over to me. she asked me how i was feeling and i drunkenly responded "doing good mama doing good" and fell down. i guess at this point i didn't realize, even after my drunken table nap, that i was incredibly drunk. i got up and started walking about and eventually, miraculously "walked off" how drunk i was and came back so see gigi and mom fighting. what about you say? the fact that gigi gave me a GLASSFULL of champagne! when i say glassful, i mean spilling out as you move it-GLASSFUL. gigi claims she was just "giving me a sip of her wine" but then i tell her she had her OWN wine glass! she finally realizes she just got her only granddaughter incredibly drunk and proceeded to run out onto the porch. then i woke up.