the castes

Date: 2/23/2017

By cleerev

There were 5 castes. Hybrids, minors, majors, greens, and golds. Level of importance in that order, golds being highest. You could move up the castes through trials. I was a major, almost a green. Greens were warriors. Greens and golds lived in groups, I was with Evan peters, and another green. Evan was a gold, rulers and fighters. One night, the other girl and I were in a room full of fairy lights, and I was sitting with my back to the window, chatting with the green. Suddenly, she backed away and ran out the door to the gold. I turn, to see two giant hybrids. One a spider, one a fox. They were huge. They crashed through the wall, and I somehow tricked them into wrestling with each other. I was thrown against a wall, and pretended to be dead. They were fighting, but then the foxes nose was on my face, sniffing. It believed I was dead, and they both moved down the hall. I didn't go after them, because I knew the others were smart. Eventually they left, and I started asking questions about what they were. Other greens came, no one would give me a straight answer, Evan did. He explained everything.