Snorting while laughing

Date: 2/4/2017

By DreamingBunny

It's currently 7:00am I just woke up from a hilarious dream! I was in the atrium at school eating a salad and suddenly me and abi were on a separate table watching everyone run around and chatting. Ebony was in a pink wig over by the door. There were these two little girls watching us eat. One little girl was on the white table tops and the other little girl was further away. They just watched us eat but they were so cute. We saw Mr Stratton going in and back out the doors looking really angry and stressed. I had a crush on Mr Stratton but he left in school reality. In my dream I hoped he would have recognised me and said hello but no. I smiled at him and he rudely rolled his eyes at me as he quickly walked around me and abi. Suddenly I saw Mr Ferguson walking along the top floor when he looked down and announced at how disappointed he is with the rudeness at our school. He suddenly teleported next to the girl on the table and he was mimicking her by smiling as he stared at us. He looked so cute! I began snorting as I laughed. He walked away as if he accomplished something. I woke myself up by snorting and laughing. Hopefully I'll go back to sleep and have a lucid dream!!!