Time and a goat man

Date: 5/3/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember the beginning but it went something like I went back it time a few years. I was in a grassy plane with a few small trees but i couldn't tell what was behind me. I, assuming it was houses. Anyway the kid i usually baby sit came over to me. He didn't know me because he hadn't met the me in the future. I looked around for his little brother when I remember that sense I went back in time he wasn't born yet. Suddenly I was on a ship and someone was tied down and in great pain for some reason my vision kept on going from where I was standing to the person tied down anyway, I caught some of the people's conversation and they said something about how this was going to make him powerful. Something happens that I don't remember and the scene changed to the person being tied down inside a dungeon type thing over some water. I was back to seeing through the persons eyes and I even hear his thoughts. Apparently he's been down here for a while and was starting to get used to the pain enough where he could hear people. Something else happens that I don't remember and we were near my house. I was back to being myself but for so dreading I was in a tree looking down at the dude that was tied up. I had no idea how I recognized him because he now had the face of a goat and for some reason I thought that meant power. The people that tied him down were showing him a house. I woke up.