Class in Parents' Bedroom

Date: 7/6/2017

By lightsleeper

My principal was the substitute. She was really mean and I accidentally snagged her jacket. It was dark because we were watching a movie and answering questions, but I knew it was an assignment we had done before. I was sitting on the right side of my parents bed with Blair and Lauren. It reminded me of the setup of pre calculus because the guys were on the left side. We were all stealing each other's chairs and I was being really silly and the guys thought it was funny to see me like this. I remember there being a part where someone was all over me but it turned out to be Blair. I kept making eye contact with Jared and Alex. It was so weird. Eventually everyone left and I still didn't have the answers. Lauren was helping me. There were numerical games and I got to shop through old clothes before the principal came out of the shower.