This felt like a lesbian action/comedy movie ngl

Date: 7/18/2019

By ItsABlackCat

So basically I was on this giant ship, it was like a sort of base. A bunch of people lived there and were working on there, it had some sort of generator which ran the boat that for some reason a bunch of bad people wanted. I was sort of like the protector- a vigilante, superhero, police sort of deal. Whenever a ‘villain’ or a ‘criminal mastermind’ would break into the boat and try to steal the generator, I would fight them off. It was this weird, spaced out ship up top, with long rows of farms powered by the generators, which basically means that the generators helped them to grow even underwater (which we weren’t underwater at the time, we were above water, but I’m pretty sure the ship was a sort of submarine). Anyways basically, this girl kept breaking into the ship and trying to steal the generator. And after a while, since we’d always have those ‘so, back again huh’ ‘yeah, this time I won’t lose’ ‘oh really’ etc. sort of tense superhero/villain chats as we were fighting, I ended up kinda crushing on her. She had decently long shiny black hair, straight but beautiful, dark tan skin and she was super hot. And it was obvious she was flirting with me too. But at the same time I really needed to save the generator bc my family was there and if I didn’t protect the generator they’d starve. I remember feeling like I just totally wanted to let her take it so I could stop fighting her and start kissing her, but obviously I couldn’t. She’d always take out the ‘guards’ at the doors and then we’d be in the same fight, only I also didn’t want to hurt her too bad either, which made it tricky for me. There was one fight we had where she threw a bunch of knives and it hit my brother and sister, I was super upset and had to kick her off the boat into the water. I was conflicted because I was crushing on her but at the same time, like, she had just thrown freaking knives at my brother and sister I can’t like a person like that! My brother and sister ended up being ok somehow, even though they got literal knives thrown straight into their chests. It was an anxious, dramatic, pining kinda dream. I just remember feeling conflicted, mainly. It reminded me of She-Ra and Catra from the new Netflix remake, the way we fought and everything.