A TV show that takes us to Washington DC

Date: 7/14/2019

By moriyahviera

I remember that I was at least supposed to look up this show that I don't exactly remember the name to. I think I found it. But the best part is that I saw Gomer Pyle in it doing something that I loved. I think he was gardening or something, but it was supposed to be a season 4 episode. And there was somebody who was wearing this cloak and she said that we were going to Washington DC for a few days to a week. And I was so happy! And then, the scene changed to being in Washington DC. I saw Terri and then me and her went into this building that I don't know which one it was. But we were walking through it and then we go out of it and I might have been watching Gomer Pyle, who knows. Then, we walked back into the same building we went into before and it seem smaller than before. And then, the scene just suddenly changed to be being back home and I saw my sister watching that show again and the cable hook thingy wasn't hook up and so I hooked it up. Yellow with the yellow, white with the white, and I don't remember if I hooked the red with the red, but there was these suction cup thingys and suctioned all except one (maybe all of them, who knows). And then that lady (that told that we were going to Washington DC) came back and she might have said the we were going back, but I don't remember exactly what happened. And that was the end of my dream.