Date: 8/3/2017

By jadenm

i was inside of a space ship shaped like a tower and the outermost of it was a spiral staircase with entrances to rooms that made up the center and my mom was there and she had just given birth to 4 kids and i had to watch over them in a nursery room and then they started fighting, i thought it was weird how they could walk and fight because they were just born until i saw one of them crush another and he shriveled up into a crisp black figure and i realized they were aliens i ran out of the nursery and ran up the staircase and the walls which were previously a warm peach color with yellowish highlights turned black with neon blue highlights when i made it to the top what i thought was my mom was sitting there just as she was when she told me to watch over her "kids" i ran over to her and grabbed her by her hair and it turned black and shriveled off just like the baby and i continued to hit her and each place would blacken and crack and then she just disappeared and then i was stranded alone on this spaceship