The Secret House

Date: 2/5/2017

By Sira

It was set in a world where zombies exist, they were a common occurrence so they were pretty much an everyday pest. The house was a dilapidated Victorian style mansion. It was me, my mother, and my little sister.I was exploring the house and I went into my mum's closet and found a note covering a hole in the wall just big enough for a human crawls through, that said in a little kids handwriting "Don't let out the kitties!" I pop my head inside and the first thing I see is a little tabby striped kitten mewling at me. I crawl inside and it's a huge room with dusty covered furniture, I scoop up the kitten and start exploring the strange room. I find huge hallway and start walking down it finding dozens of rooms. This house was sooooooo much bigger and was probably worth millions because as I turn through some of the items I found were just impossible to find, old war weapons, fine dresses even the architecture was better in this secret part of the house. I find another a small door in the wall, I open it and the first thing I notice is there are cats freaking everywhere in this tiny room. I put the kitten I found down (I named him Thomas) this room was more like a closet with some extremely sparse furniture, it wasn't as fancy as the rest of the secret house. The wall boards were showing and the once baby blue paint was peeling.There was a medicine cabinet in the wall, I open it just as my sister pops her head in and scares the hell out of me. I stifle a scream and glare at her she giggles and asks if I'm exploring like she is. Apparently she found another way in through her room, so it seemed that there were many entrances hidden throughout the house. We turn back to the medicine cabinet and the first thing that catches my eye is the gleam of the emerald gem on an old class ring. It captures my attention and my sister's excited chatter fades from my ears as I pick it up, the room explodes with light. My sister doesn't seem to notice but every cat in the room immediately stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I slip the ring onto my ring finger on my left hand and the cats start coming up and rubbing on my legs. I'm confused as hell at this point. My sister looks at me like I'm some kind of alien and tells me to close the cabinet so I can look in the mirror. My eyes are the same deep shade of green as the ring. She tells me they changed when I picked up the ring.Pretty shaken I try to take it off and can't. It's not stuck because I can spin it freely without any discomfort it just won't come off. I open the cabinet again and the only other thing I see besides a black cup filled with combs straight razors and small daggers is an old black and white picture that was so old the black parts had faded into brown. The picture contained a family. A girl that looked eerily similar to me but with straight hair was holding a small wriggling bundle of cloth with a round chubby face of a giggling baby sticking out of it. What look to be her parents have their arms around her shoulders and they are all smiling brightly for the camera. In the background sits a much newer version of our house. As I try to look closer at the house the girls eyes flash green and I nearly drop the picture. Deciding I'd had enough I usher my little sister out of the room and tell her to lead me back to the entrance she found in her room.We get out of the secret part of the house and I make my sister swear on her life she will never tell anyone about the hidden house. She swears and we go to look for our mom. We're passing through the kitchen when we hear a struggle in the parlor. A tall man wearing a long white lab coat and dark slacks has smashed her into the mantle, he has a wicked grin on his face as he over powers her. She grabs onto what looks like a gas mask that's hanging around his neck and pulls him forward smashing her head into his hard enough to make them both bleed. She grits her teeth and bares it while he drops like a sack of potatoes. She turns to us and screams for us to go hide because there are more of them coming.We run back through the kitchen and are immediately halted by two more men, wearing the same thing as the first guy, the only difference is that half of their faces are obscured by their masks. I dodge under the arms of one as the other grabs my sister and laughs as she screams. I'm running around both of them while the other man struggles to grab me. I kick the man holding my sister in the nuts, he falls to the ground and I grab her arm making a run for it the other man hot on our heels. We dodge around evading him and losing him in the large maze of our house. We reach a bathroom and I shove her in closing the door quietly behind us and locking it.I search frantically for something to use to defend ourselves cussing myself for not grabbing one of the knives in that black cup. My sister lets out a small shriek and I whip around to see the girl from the photo frantically pointing to the cabinet doors under the sink. My sister is losing her shit but I feel no threat from her. I swing open the cabinet doors to find another hole leading into the secret part of the house. I sigh with relief. Then I hear someone walking down the hallway probably alerted by my sister's scream. I shove her in first quietly thanking the girl from the picture as I do so. She smiles at me and grabs the hand with the ring. She smiles at it wistfully for a moment before pulling it off and closing her hand around it, she grunts with effort and a small green flash comes from her hand. She opens her hand and sitting in her palm is the ring but it's completely different now. The emerald is now cut into a starburst pattern and the silver setting twists and winds like it were made of vines. She slips it back on my finger as someone starts pounding on the door screaming I know you're in there.She pushes me toward the cabinet and pushes her back against the door. I scramble into the cabinet and start getting down the hole. I'm about hallway down when the door bursts open. I feel someone grab my ankles and start pulling me out and kick at them hard. I feel a connect and a crunch like I kicked them in the nose. They release my ankles and I fall the rest of the way into the hole. I see a man's hand reaching down into the hole to try and grab me. I rip a golden candelabra off of the wall and stability at the hand with it. It pulls back and the hole seals like it was never there in the first place.The girl reappears in front of me grabbing the hand with the new ring and pulling me along. My sister is no where to be seen and I'm panicking. The girl pulls me through the somehow familiar hallways and we stop at a peep hole. I hear a voice in my head that says "My name is Abigail, I lived here before you. I'm here to help." I laughed a little bit and rolled my eyes having figured the last part out already. We look through the hole to see a short woman in a white lab coat leaning over my mother barring her teeth, eyes bloodshot and looking pissed. She takes out a long thin blade and hilts it in the hollow of my mother's collarbone before ripping it out and cackling maniacally as she bleeds out. Abigail covers my mouth as I let out a scream and tears stream down my face. Abigail waves her hand in front of my eyes and I the emotion is pulled out of what I saw. My tears dry up and she looks over at me "I'm sorry but we don't have time for you to grieve and the anger would cloud your judgment. "We look back through the peep hole and the old woman is still laughing. The man I kicked in the nuts runs in huffing and puffing, he waves his arms in an exaggerated manner as he tells her he lost us and we are no where in the house. The woman slaps him hard across the face and his head whips to the side. He straightens up and looks down at her "There's one more thing, the zombie migration is coming through and if we don't get out of here soon we'll be overrun." The woman makes a tsk noise and orders him to keep looking for us. Abigail stands up and pulls me away from the peep hole. She leads me through winding hallways and we come back to the room I found the ring in. My sister is asleep in the floor. Abigail looks at her and says that is easier this way. She opens the medicine cabinet and laughs at the contents she dumps the black cup into a small leather satchel she was wearing them puts it on me. "This is everything you need. Get them out of our house. "I hurry through the halls until I reach the hole in my mother's closet. I tap the wall twice and the hole closes up. I walk down into the parlor where the woman is still screaming at her subordinates, I stand there quietly and wait to be noticed. After a few minted of this a clear my throat and she whips around at me and smiles sweetly. "Hello there little one, we've been looking for you and your sister. Do you know where she is? We'd love to talk to you both." I spit in her direction and her smile immediately falls into a scowl. One of the men standing behind her stars laughing and she loses it. Tearing out her own hair and foaming at the mouth. She turns to me a wild look in her eye. I reach into the satchel and pull out one of the daggers.She charges at me faster than old woman should be able to. She tackles me and sinks her teeth into my neck. I scream and stab her repeatedly in the back until she lets go, my blood dripping from her teethand I black out. (It switches to third person here) My eyes turn completely black (like the demons in Supernatural) and I throw her off of me her head strikes the wall and she crumples to the ground. The men that were with her look like they were about to piss themselves. A loud roar can be heard from outside occampanied by thousands of footsteps and banging on every wall. My singsongy voice fills the air as I smile. "They're here." The men realize they are trapped inside the house with me as the zombie migration has finally made it here. They try and make a run for it and my body snaps into action and I rip them apart. I hear a shuffling and the old woman is sitting up smiling at me. "I have finally made the perfect monster." Abigail's top half leans out of a solid wall and decapitates her.