Clothing Shop Stop

Date: 7/17/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

We were going on holiday but Mom and Dad arranged it to be with my collage but Sam was coming too (I can't remember if Sam went to my collage tho?) so we went in this big coach on the way down there and there wa a stop bc some people needed the toilet and/or snacks so we were allowed to look around the shops on the way around so I went in this clothes shop but they had to follow me around which was really awkward including when I was trying stuff on. I didn't have enough time to try on the clothes and I hate buying them unless I DEFO know they fit so I was crying because of that n THRU were actin like it was no big deal even tho I was literally crying. Eventually I convinced them to let me use the changing room but in changing room next to me there was someone getting into a furry suit (one of the outfits I was trying on was a furry suit cuz they had them there in the store for some reason) and they looked at me really weirdly then laughed pointing at my suit and i laughed along with them. We have each other high fives then dad woke me up.