Date: 3/6/2019

By Susannah.Chloe

I was in a room with ma mom and some women, something to do with beauty salon?? From the window we could see that something was falling from the sky, marbled lights, in a tone of pink... it was approaching, they stood there, I was scarred so when it was too close I went to the next room, when the worst sound of explosions and a earthquake happened. I ran to be close to my mom. We are there, neon giant mad eyes (similar to bad girl's logo, rs) are vigilant us, they rule the world now, we can only do what they want... I start to make plans to get rid of them while they close and are asleep. - parts I can't remember well - My mom looked like another person I had a blonde 3~4 y/o son, I was afraid what was going to happen with him in all that confusion He had a cellphone, he was talking to his dad The dream when to his dad view, who happened to be ~Will Smith~ He went after our son, he was worried View come back to me, bb boy is gone, there's a trail of thin blood, I run and course against his father, mom run together and defends him, saying he would never do any harm to our son