DNA Ghosts killed the monarchy

Date: 6/15/2017

By JulianaV

I was someone else entirely. In this dream, I was a shy and recluse high school girl that was on a trip with the class to a unknown town. I wasn't friends with anyone, so I liked strolling through the town alone and looking at the different and interesting store fronts. One in particular was my favorite: a store that only sold glass vessels, in a lot of shapes but all in a pale pink tint. I timed my walks so that I ended up in front of this store when the sun was directly upon the vessels, casting a beautiful light through the glasses. After this, some things happened that I don't quite remember. What I remember is that at some point the king and queen and all of the royal family of that town came in a spaceship. I knew, from observing the stores and watching the daily lives of the locals, that they were very poor and that was because the royal family was exploiting them. So I was like "I'm going to destroy them". Somehow I manage to enter the spaceship unnoticed and go into the royal room, where all of the royal family is united in a big and expensive banquet. I go from each one of the royal members, wiping a cotton swab into their ears quickly enough that before they flinch I've already gotten their DNA and was able to create a ghost from it. Only the person from which I've taken the DNA could see and listen their ghost, and they would shout and terrify the person until they've convinced that person to commit suicide. In an incredible short period of time, everyone from the royal family was dead. The town was free and I decided to go live as an apprentice in the glass store.