menace stairs and un"beat"able people

Date: 2/22/2017

By Mephistopheless

so apparently I still had it in my mind still when I went to sleep that I was spending the night with my best friend. and so the "next morning" his dad took me to work with him instead of sending me home? anyways we get there and for some reason he works downstairs with a lab partner cuz they're super computer geeks. 😂 anyway I'm making my way down the stairs and I fall and all the dude does is give me a funny look. the next part I was in a convenience store type place and there's this one chick that I know that I HATE with a passion, so I crept up behind her and tried yanking her hair out but I didn't actually get to beat the shit out of her. (sad day in the Dream Kingdom) and theeeen there was something trying to chase me and at first I couldn't see what it was until I clotheslined it and knocked it the fuck out LMAO.