Date: 7/1/2017

By JayPOliver

I went asleep last night and in my dream, I was at home in Tallaght. I walked downstairs and then got a text from my best friend's mother asking if I could come over. She never texted me, so I immediately called and asked what was the matter. She replied that my best friend was upstairs considering taking his own life and that he had asked for me. I immediately put my phone away and told my mother that I was going over. I walked to my friends house and went upstairs to see him on his bed crying. As soon as he noticed me he said that he wanted me to come so he could say goodbye. I replied by saying that he shouldnt be ridiculous, and grabbed him into a hug. I sat there for a while, letting him cry into my shoulder before he started to talk. He explained that for the last few weeks, things had been going worse and worse until he couldn't take it any more. My mother called me and I cancelled the call. Then I went back to talking with my best friend until my mother came over and knocked on the door. I went down to her and explained that Ciaran (my friend) was contemplating suicide and that I was talking him out of it. She replied by saying that I had to come home. I refused and when she tried to drag me, I shoved her off and told her that I don't care how she punishes me when I get home, but that I need time. She went off and I thought I had calmed Ciaran down. I went upstairs again to see him dead.