Justin Bieber's House and Dunking

Date: 8/12/2017

By smott07

I was at Justin Bieber's house with my family for a short time. I didn't really talk to him but his mom was super nice. When we got ready to leave I was trying to gather all the dirty clothes in the laundry and my mom said "Do t worry, they can just ship us the clothes when we get home." Cut to the second dream when we got home from his house. It was sunny out and there were lots of cars of bright colors at the end of our driveway and parked in the grass and ditch also. Anthony from Team10 was there (I had a crush on him during the dream) and so was David Dobrik and his whole friend group. It was super fun playing basketball with them cause it was like we were all friends. I later found out that I could dunk really easily. Then, these two black coaches came and forced us to play for them. They watched from their car as I dunked. It felt like jumping on a trampoline as I dunked. It soon faded and only my mom and dad were there, but all in the same place and time as before. They were recording my and then the dream ended. It felt so real😫