Lucid dream with hot guy!

Date: 10/11/2018

By Doodoo

So i dreamt i was in a school of some sort, i think i was a student there. I was walking around the campus and noticed some blond guy with curly hair. He noticed me too and smiled, but i turned away to not look obvious that i was staring. Then suddenly i was taking a shower in the campus in public, i was naked and stuff. It was weird, then the bell rang and these group of students were walking out of a building. I saw blond guy there and he saw me. I was like “oh shit!” And covered myself with my arms and ducked, feeling embarrassed. A day passed and i was walking with some friends to some place, i saw that blond guy was there but his hair was straight this time and he had a baseball hat on. He kept glancing at me till he finally got the balls to approach me. He said his name but i forgot, and i told him mine and we shook hands. Then he told me he loved me, and i was kind of shocked and told him it was a bit fast. He said he knew but he couldnt help it. Then i became totally lucid! It was like everything suddenly looked real, and i looked at him and said “this really sucks cos we are just dreaming” And he looked a bit confused and said “really?” And i said “yeah if you are here too then you are dreaming also, so this isnt real, we probably dont know each other in real life” And he said “yeah i dont think we do, but we can find each other.” So he told me he went to some university called dale university, and i quickly wrote it down, and promised him i would find him in real life. He smiled and we kissed. Then we said our goodbyes. Then suddenly i wasnt at school anymore, i was driving and i had that piece of paper. I stopped my car cos i was at some scenic looking road and i thought i was lost. Someone in a blue truck stopped by to check if i was ok and i asked them where dale university was, and he said, dale wasnt a school, it was a street. He showed me on a map, so i said thanks and i drove off. Then i woke up