Pool Party at girls house.

Date: 7/31/2017

By Sesd926

in my dream, I was at a girls (who i recognized from middle school) house. We were throwing a pool party and it turned out that me and her where the only ones at her house. We swam and ate a ton of delicious food. Then all the sudden, their tv remote feel into the pool. The girl started to freak out so I dove down to the bottom of the pool and fetched the remote control out of the bottom of the pool. She still was freaking out so we had to call some people from a random company to come. they ended up pouring salt into the remote to dry the water and then we ended up disposing of the salt in the yard. The girl then said that she was going to get in trouble with her dad, but she said fuck him. Then my parents arrived to pick me up and told me to hurry up and pack my things because I was flying to some random place. I did pack, then I went up to her room to say goodbye. What I saw was her getting raped by her dad. Then I woke up.