Date: 4/17/2017

By Matchamano

Well, the feeling i get is that I'm trying to get songbird's attention again. But whenever we go out she always bring someone else too, someone kinda like Eugene/this raka guy from work its all blurry. This particular dream we want to watch a movies. Before meet up i eat at a quite good restaurant that someone (i dunno songbird's or someone else) recommend. Well, needless to say we've met and i saw her with this eugeraka guy. Kinda upset, so i invite another female friend of mine too and then i dunno how what and why, i disappear and everyone else thought im being kidnapped or murdered or something. Somewhere along the line i lay down in some park battered waiting till songbird's to with eugeraka car pass. Well she noticed me laying down 'unconscious' and then run out to me. But she turn back to the car and drive off. Well the rest of the incomplete dream is me trying to atone for what i did.