Killer doll, vampires, and the military

Date: 3/8/2019

By PandaPuff

So for some reason I can't remember most of this. I wasn't particularly in this first dream about the vampires I don't think, but I was watching it obviously. These two blonde twins, one girl and boy, were standing on a hill and watching the city below them. Everyone there, well the adults, started vomiting blood. The children were turned into vampires somehow and the girl got decapitated by seemingly nothing. The next dream I and a bunch of people were trapped in what looked to be an abandoned school. I remember walking around and there was this killer doll slaughtering people. I was the only one who escaped. I ran across the street trying not to get hit by cars. I ran to Walmart and had them call the military. They came and asked me to lead them to the abandoned school. They have me a gun and we went inside. Apparently some people weren't even human and they were shooting at them. I on the other hand accidentally shot two humans 😂 I was like oops 🤷🏻‍♀️ and went on. The next dream I appeared to be at a hotel, I can't remember it well, but some guy was standing outside accusing me of something. Then I was recruited for the military as well as my family. We were outside doing training and everyone else was following the commands and I was dancing for some fucking reason. I'm an embarrassment even in my dreams I guess. Anyways, some guy dove out of the sky and a tiny explosion happened. We all figured he was trying to kill us but he said something about it being a joke?? I looked over and there was this guy I wanted to protect. I have no idea why or what he meant to me in my dream.