Blimp Battle Summer Camp

Date: 6/22/2017

By bucket

I was participating in a summer camp. I cant remember the motives behind it and I wasn't familiar with the people I was with. I remember clearly asking a girl about horseback riding and her advising me to ride with the horse. Somehow the dream transitioned to another girl giving me her RC blimp to participate in a battle with other students. I ended up in second place only to be bested by a flame thrower blimp. Later on the summer camp group ended up participating in a large game of mafia within a gigantic school with a disproportionately big gymnasium and colourful classrooms. I got the role of a civilian in this game, a "--- talker". As I began to leave towards my designated classroom to start the game, I began to recognize the people around me as past classmates and co workers. When the game was about to start I woke up.