18. Road trip🚗 hotel🏢 psicho police🚔

Date: 1/22/2017

By Raul

I went with my sister,her boyfriwnd and Ale on a road trip. After 2 min of driving I realized nobody was driving the car , so I puled the break and junped on the driver seat. We arived in Cluj and decided to stay at a hotel. In the midle of the night we were chased by 2 psicho killers out of the hotel we jumped in the car and atempted to escape but the engine was not starting. A polece man tazed the psichos and he started hiting the car with one of those police sticks they have. I was yeling at him to stop but he didn't and he broke the car window. I found a tiny cat in my bathroom. It had silvery'sh reflective spots on it's furr. I noticed it was hurt so I took it to my room an feed it.