Date: 5/17/2019

By hayleesvendsen

I was at a wine night party thing idk who’s house it was tho. I remember getting drunk at the house it was like a girls night, and Hannah took me to get my nipples pierced ( in the actual dream I can’t remember much of it cuz I was drunk ) I woke up in some trailer park in the morning. I sat on the ground leaning on this guy ( I recognize him from school last year ) telling him my fingernail hurts. He said we were in linden woods community ( which is weird cuz I drove Harlyn to linden street the day before this dream ) he was actually really cute. After I remember me and this other girl were trying to hide from our boss or something. Her name was Cara but she was rly the little blond girl from bridesmaids. We were both tryna quit the job. I came home and my grinder was on the kitchen table. I was freaking out.