the mall thing with slides

Date: 6/7/2017

By Tjika

I was in a mall, bit it was also an amusement park. There were waterslides which me and my brothers wanted to ride, but you needed some kind of paste on you before going through it and many people were allergic to it. So was I, so I wasn't allowed to tide it. My brothers could though, so I was kinda jellous. I spend my time with my family instead, doing other fun stuff while my brothers went on these slides for hours. At some point I was wearing swimming clothes for some reason and fell into the slide. This was for some reason at some point where they've stopped checking if you had the paste on you or not, only you did have to wear a helmet. I didn't have it on, because I had fallen in unprepared. The people working at the pool were sort of angry or dissapinted for me going in without a helmet. but I explained I had fallen in, so it was alright. Afterwards I was in the mall again and suddenly running from people who were after me because I had magic. I was able to escape though, because I could become invisible and fly. My family was escaping too, because they also had magic, but I never looked to see if they made it out as well, I sorta knew they were alright though.