Date: 4/23/2019

By em2002

april 19 2019: i was at someones house and i think it was emmas but i dont remember ?? anyway it was a sleepover and emma was there, arman was there, and idr who else but there was this one point where emma looked behind the couch and it was super messy and littered with cat toys and emma found a bag of cat treats that she just started feeding to her cat tessa aww anyway so then arman came up to me saying something like “oh my schools prom is soon, i think im gonna ask annika to go with me” and i was like “lol ok” and then he came to me later again and he was like “okay so i didnt wanna ask her because.. i was waiting for you to ask me to prom” lol what after that everyone that came to the sleepover thing went to go get their hair dyed at this fancy hair place but they only took 3 people at a time to i went with 2 of my other friends i forget who they were but anyway so my hair is already blue so i was like “i just want a regular hair cut. nothing fancy just regular” and they were like okay how short/long and i was like ?????? so they pull out this ruler with green and pink marks on it to indicate certain lengths and they were like “what colour?” and i was like “pink looks good” so they started cutting it exactly to the length of the pink mark keeping the ruler next to my hair but it sTILL turned out bad