Trap house

Date: 6/20/2019

By Carizzle

I was at this trap house i showed up with some friends. My dad was there and so was my cousin. I remember my sister was there too and we were in this guys room that used to be my room or something & then they all left me there by myself which hurt my feelings then my mom showed up & she had a baby who i was taking care of all night long but the baby looked like my son when he was a baby and i remember feeling so much love for this baby and i was putting him to sleep and i layed down on the floor with him cause every time i stood up he'd wake up.. Still i didn't know where my mom was then when i found her she was at a washing machine or something so i couldn't see her face and i asked her "are you gonna take care of your kid" & she said "probably not" & i thought she was joking but she turned around & i realized she was serious & that she'd been using crack again which she hasn't used for 10 years so i got really upset and walked outside to smoke a cig and there were people everywhere. I saw my little brother he gave me a cig & i was still so upset about her using again i went inside & sat next to this older lady who was talking to me about it & i was crying so hard & then i woke up.