Egyptian Princess turned Vampire

Date: 1/21/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

It all started when I was heading back to my room with my naked Husband in bed which I'm assuming he is up now. As I was heading back to our room in the corner of the hallway I saw an old woman sitting there covering herself in a old rag it looks like Cotton but it's been worn out. I walk toward her and sh e moves herself into the shadows and I am looks around for her than I see red eyes And she jumps out of the corner grabs me by my neck and notes the base breaking the skin an instead of draining me of blood she puts her poison in me turning me into a vampire. She covers my mouth so no one can hear me screaming or making any noises than when she is done she changes into a beautiful young woman and walks away and she turns to me and says " welcome to a whole new life my crowned Princess" than walks away Heading to the woman houses. I get up and I start to feel my neck and where she bite me is healed but there is a very very small mark that is there now and I head back to my room and my husbands up And he is getting dressed he turns around and he walks toward me and hugs me and says "Good morning" and kisses my forehead than puts on the rest of his clothes than he says"I will see you later tonight okay at dinner than after than we are alone all night long" and he winks at me And walks away. I sit in my makeup chair and I examine myself not much has changed without my black wig which I take off my long brown hair flows down my shoulders and over my breast. My skin is pale but a China doll pale my eyes or greenish blue or brownish everything looks the same. Than out of nowhere my eyes change from green to reed and fangs appear I must be hungry I say to myself but I can't just drink blood than it disappears I call my sevant into my room I ask nicely because I know all sevants need to be treated nicely if not they can eventually rebel against us one day but the only one in my family that does this. "May you please go get me some food " I smile and the servant nods but before he leaves the room he says "thank you for being so nice you are the only one who we can come too with our problems and you allow us to talk to you and everything so thank you " he smiles and walks away I smile back "I'm glad " I say to myself Than for the rest of the sat I wonder around the palace and I head to the garden where I see a baby tiger club I gentle walk towards it and I sit down so don't appear so big and it walks right up to me " what are you doing here little guy?" I ask him he looks up at me and purrs than I hear some feet coming toward so I pick up the club and hold him close " my lady I hear that club for lose from the shipmeant that just came in may we have him back?" I look at the cub and he is looking up at me "no I found him he is one now I will raise him. But may I ask why we have all theses animals coming in from Africa for?" They Answer " your father is throwing a big party tonight so he need a some of the names and the rest are going to Rome for the Gladiators" I' m holding my club in arms and he is sound asleep. I had back to my room and I make a small bed for him to sleep in than I give him some cows milk that the servants have given to me because I told him he is my pet and his name is Aero. I take care of Aero the rest of the day until my husband comes into the room and he he sees Aero " honey what is a baby tiger doing in your arms" as he is taking off his clothes "he is my pert now so I am taking care of him I will join in the shower in a minute okay? " I look up at him and smile he smiles back okay and kisses my head Aero is asleep now so I put him in his own bed and I take off my clothes and join my husband and her have sex in the shower than we dry ourselves off and we do it again in bed. Than I woke up