Date: 8/7/2017

By AntagonizedAdenosine

I was traveling with lots of YouTubers but for some reason we were all friends. We found a climbing gram and for on. Danny sexbang was challenged to a duel to climb around the frame first. He proceeded around and I was on the back of the stairs which had a hinge and could flip down. He undid the hinge and hit the ground. I felt so bad but was laughing. Laughing in this dream was really hard. I could barely breathe. I had to force it really hard to get any noise. We got back into our transport vessel and nyoomed off. I saw Danny through a window, I waved and apologized Egoraptor asked what was wrong and I explained. Someone who knew the story also explained it and Egoraptor said it was all ok. I later was back home. I had loosened the floorboards to get my engagement ring out. Someone else had been hiding stuff there. Then I lift a floorboard and a cat with a litter of grey kittens is there. I lift them out. I say we should neuter the cat but mum says that this is the last litter that the cat had and only her second one so we shouldn't. Someone yells at me that people who like cats are just giant rat lovers. This gave me something to think about.