Oblivion Mystery Dream and the Backstory Dream following it

Date: 4/10/2017

By Serena

I was talking to a eleven year old boy holding a oblivion journal I said "Hi" he said "hi" back I asked "what's the matter" he replied "I am stuck on a quest that requires a goalie and a soccer I want to conquer my fears and live my dreams" so I helped him "I will be the soccer!" I added "okay...." He said sadly I kicked something too far and I woke up then I went to the future and the boy with the journal was 13 he was telling everyone about the "incident" and how I "made" him work with me and then I was trying to talk to him but he acted like he wasn't interested he dropped his journal I picked it up and gave it to him I said "you dropped your journal" he ignored me and picked it up then he told the rumor about how I made him work with me again and I woke up