Date: 2/1/2019

By UnicornDragon27

So irl I've been stalked recently I dreamt about my stalker I also dreamt about my old crush from fricken grade school and being in love w/him again. Haven't liked him for years now. I also was on the run from my stalker and using time travel and friends and random acquaintances I know irl helping me. Also I was on the run w/a group of people and one of my close friends now. The group and I ran and climbed buildings to get away. My friend and I ran to her work place which was an office that also fostered cats. I was trying to avoid my stalker and get food and be in class, and live n shiz. Also at some point I think my stalker changed and it was other people out to get me. The time travel machine was a bottle cap looking button that u had to push the middle in. You also had to be running to jump between timelines. And the same people who go back in time have to go back together. At some point I lost my friend. Also u have to be touching each other/be in contact w/whoever is holding it. I was too week to press the button so I had to run around looking for my friend.