Stolen GameCube Controllers

Date: 7/18/2019

By bstefanescu

I just got to my house and had to run in for a second, so I left GameCube controllers in the back seat of my car while I went inside. When I went back to my car I noticed that one of the GameCube controllers were gone and the rest have been switched out with other remotes of some kind. I was pretty upset because those controllers were special to me and I payed $30 for them. I decided to go inside and look out my window to see if the thief would come back, and then my neighbor’s garage started to open and I saw my GameCube controllers in their garage! So I was going to go over and get my remotes back, and for some reason I took off my shirt to go talk to them. They let me inside their house and I was arguing with the kid that stole it because he was trying to convince me to let him keep them, but I wasn’t having it. When he brought me to the garage I couldn’t find the controllers anymore, then I realized that I was mostly blind, so I was feeling around everywhere to try to find them because I was getting those controllers back. I eventually found the controllers, then his mom came out and asked who I was and he told her that I’m his friend from Europe.