What's going on

Date: 5/18/2017

By Klevr

I never knew I could come to the point where i didn't know what I was doing but it seems like I have reached that end of the line. Finding myself in a room I'm not so familiar with and I believe I was with this girl name jeannie , yes again her... and I'm tired of it because it just keeps me thinking of all the things that's could of went well but it seems like it might just stay how it is now. I was with her at some dance and she was wearing a red dress later she was wearing a white dress it goes back and forth within the same dress and we are dancing and I'm not really a fan of dancing nor do I remember dancing. And I was with my friends and it seem like I was on the spotlight with jeannie and I liked it but then it all changed very quickly where I'm at school and I'm just on the floor sitting , my back against the wall and I couldn't move or talk only see and listen and I saw jeannie talking to some other person and she calls me over and no matter what I do I'm enclosed to myself and can't move and all I do is look at her and just nod my head and look down because that was all I could do. And then it changes to me taking her to a lake that I went with her only once and was probably the best time i will ever have again in my life. Realizing that I was with her and she was laying on my shoulder I put my hand around her but felt nothing and then I opened my eyes in the dream to find my self all alone on a bench . Then I woke up it was about 3 am when I did, and I just remembered my dream as I'm walking to Class