Cuckolding The Rich, Sour Love, and Time Travel.

Date: 3/16/2017

By Fitful

I lived with a sibling, I can't tell if it was a brother or a sister tho, but they were the boss of me and we repeatedly ran scams on rich people. We did this over and over again but I don't think we actually got out of Poverty. ---- There was a hunt. Slaves were grabbed and taken high into the mountains by rich people. Two girls were set loose, they had been standing in line together during the trek up there, and were tasered by a special taser each. One was designated the victim one the hunter and the tasers made them act out the sport. This was a rich person's tech version of the Fox hunt. At first I was one of them, the slaves in line, then I panned around to watch as each was tasered. They floated up into the air like balloons and the designated hunter went after the designated victim. The thing was they had romantic stirrings between them, which had been sparked very briefly on the trip over, so it was difficult to see what would happen. I expected them to somehow both get away. ---- I was visiting a rich person, a rich family, as a guest with my family. I think it was a scam again to cuckold the rich family. The rich family had us stay the night. It was a very large house. There were five beds in one room, and the rooms was giant and luxurious. I don't know why but I slept in the bathroom on the floor. My phone was stacked on the floor with my belongings and was freaking out all night, playing some video thing, I hadn't noticed it was left on. The rich family had a few problems which we didn't notice at first. Finally the guy was considered the bad guy by the wife and she seduced one of my friends, an unattractive fellow, who fell madly in love with her straight away. They were inseparable. She did this, not out of affection, but scheming. There was a banquet which hosted $16 slices of pizza and there was a kid there who was familiar to me. The rich man finally got one over on his wife, but she decided to leave him and take all his money, which she did . He didn't seem very upset about it, just cleaned his glasses. I was aware he was supposed to be donating like 10k to my cause, whatever that was probably the scam my sibling ran. His glasses were worth all his money so him handing me them was a sign of trust and ... well bragging. She did show up, the wife, but when he bragged to her, it was an aside to me meant to dig at her, about his offshore account holding a fortune she never knew about she announced she had found that long ago and wiped it clean. The rich guy screamed like a melting witch, his whole life fallen apart, and she went on to brag. Behind the scenes was a camera man, taping her in order to blackmail her, this guy was hired by the rich guy. But my friend, the unattractive one who the rich wife cuckolded, stepped in and kissed her with his heart glowing. I mean literally glowing under his clothes. It had golden light bursting out. He used his love to make a wish, that they had been born to live and die never meeting. This was in direct contradiction with what he said when they fell in love. Time rewound upon his words, and I watched as the time rewound to a time when she, the wife, was just the rich guy's ex, and he hadn't married her yet or they suffered in that marriage. My perspective shifted to the rich guy's current girlfriend or wife, and we were on the street in Manhattan. Instead of bumping into each other, him and her, they saw each other but didn't meet. He was taking me out to a fine night of food and the theater. But someone came up through the crowd across the street and shot her in the middle of her forehead, shot the woman who would have been his wife. I was there in perspective watching it, and then with him when he saw it from across the street, and then back in my own body as his current date. He was devastated. He fell to the ground and cried and lay there weeping. I went to comfort him, like I should, like a partner would, but I couldn't make myself work properly. I let him cry and then comforted him and he stood and I walked him back to the restaurant, but I felt in a cloudy haze and couldn't work up the energy or concentration to help him. He noticed and I wasn't aware until he did that I was in shock myself. The world around me was warped and slow and insulated, like after you experience a huge shock, the body protecting itself. I had thoughts inside this feeling, but I couldn't make them linger on anything. He wrapped his gold corduroy shirt around my head and left me on a chair while he went to go get help inside the restaurant. I just kept wondering why I was the one feeling like this instead of him, who just saw his ex shot. Why wasn't I comforting him? I speculated a bit it was because of the time travel. Really I was in too much shock to care.