From "bitches" to bitches

Date: 7/18/2017

By ImprovdHat

I was a newscaster, but I wasn't a teenager I was a an older dude in a white suit. My cohost and I were Americans reporting a groundbreaking story from South Africa. He and I were talking and then he said something like "well, I don't really like women." I didn't know how to reply on-air so I just said "I'd be lying if I said I suspected that." He tried to explain "No, no I mean like I'm into blacks." "You know they're people too, rigjt?" I demanded, ignoring the exciting footage that played loudly behind us. Then he admitted to having two sex slaves in his basement. Naturally, the next scene of my dream was me busting down the door to his house. I rescued these two battered but very beautiful women from their prison, furious with their captivity. Suddenly I was myself. Like my real female self. Instead of saving South African sex slaves, I was reclaiming my dog Chewbacca (also my dog IRL). I left the mans house and got to the unpaved street via this long ass staircase. Waiting for me was my Pepper (a puppy my family recently adopted IRL). She licked my face excitedly. I also had a kick ass satchel with a portable fish tank inside. There was a goldfish in it (not a pet I know of IRL) and I held the glass to my cheek. Then I noticed a cat (who belongs to my neighbor IRL). Somehow I knew we were it. I didn't have family to go to or friends to call, the only thing I had in the world was these animals. I was happy.