Just Talking

Date: 6/7/2017

By aqueous radii

I'm in my history teacher's classroom. Stevo (the teacher) is being boring and lecturing per the usual, but for some reason all the annoying people in the class are gone. It's just me and a couple other students. Two of the other students, Ryan and Cameron, are sitting and talking about South Park. All of a sudden Stevo runs over there and screams "FUCK" really loudly. Next thing I know, I'm out in the hall with some friends, wandering around in the dark (the lights were out for some reason). I tell them about Stevo's weird behavior, and they laugh. Then Stevo comes out of his door, and hands me a data sheet with heart rate numbers on it. Only some of the spaces are completely wrong, with answers like 1 or 0. Some also have "fuck" written in their place as well.