Amazing World of Gumball Grownup

Date: 6/12/2019

By sadinarus

So my dream was based off of the show amazing world of gumball. The characters, Anais, Gumball, and Darwin, were the age they are in the show. They and the other characters in the show were having a race that Richard (the father) set up for them. So it was a bunch of weird and random mazes they had to go through. And I remember Darwin, Anais, and Gumball got stuck at one point and they couldn’t get in because they were too big. So they had to find another entry to go through. So Darwin and Gumball find a way. But they leave Anais behind. So she goes back to the original entry and she fits through because she’s small. So she escapes and the maze continues. Eventually every one and the extra characters end up at Darwin, Gumball and Anais house. And they all are laughing and smiling. And there mom comes and at first she’s mad at the mess, but then she looks around sees how happy and grown up her kids are now. Darwin got taller and has a girlfriend and he kisses her on the cheek. Gumball is taller as well and is talking to Penny (his girlfriend in the show) and Anais walks past her and she is at least 13 years old now and she is on her phone in her pink pajamas and she takes a seat on the kitchen counter. Nicole (the mom) asks Richard If he did all that for the family. And he says “I just wanted to do it just because” and they smile and they look around more and the other characters parents are there and they are just enjoying themselves while talking to there kids. THE END.