the stolen computer chips from the government

Date: 3/6/2017

By Tjika

I was in my house with my brothers. Apparently we were there in secret, because we were hiding from the government, because we had stolen some computer chips that contained important stuff. I didn't know what was so special about these chips except for the fact that we had stolen them from the government. The government was evil for some reason and therefore it was necessary for us to do stuff like that. We couldn't stay in our home for long, because they would find us if we did. We only stayed a couple of days (which had already passed when the dream started, I just remembered we'd stayed there for a while) and we left in a car which I was driving. When we exited the street we passed a police car which was going to do a checkup to see if no one was doing anything illegal in particular. We had known about these check ups which is why we'd left so soon, but we hadn't known there would be one that day, so we were relieved, since they didn't realise it was us in that car. After this I dreamed of the same house, but a different story. My cats (I only have one in real life, but here I had two) had escaped through the window, so I had to go and get them back. The problem was that they were sitting on an inflatable bouncing castle, so I had to be really careful they didn't break it with their nails. It was a very hard thing to do.