The time I met her dream self

Date: 11/14/2017

By darlita

It felt so real. You and I were living in this big ass white room with a huge ass bed. And you left in the morning to get something and I stayed in bed but you left your phone. It started ringing like crazy. And it was strange cus it was your phone but I was able to unlock it with my thumb. So it was a girl trying to reach you and my dumbass answered knowing very well. And I hung up right away when she was like "who is this" but it was too late. You came back and I didn't say anything yet cause i was scared you were gonna get mad and then we did it again and we went to work which was Peps still. On the way there I was driving and I was like "don't be mad but I answered your phone. I won't be surprised if I get a long ass DM on Instagram because of it. " And then you weren't mad but disappointed cause duh drama. And I just kept assuring you that you weren't gonna lose her that I was in this same spot before, that I was able to handle it. So we get to Peps and there's like a stupid wedding party going on. So we were getting mad cause who th fuck has their wedding reception at a pizzeria so the place was packed. Some dude kept trying to talk to me and I kept asking him to like leave me alone and that's when you got mad and I'm like wtf are you serious So I look at my phone and I see the DM from the chick. She's went off "why'd you answer Danny's phone? I can't believe I'm falling for this again. Only reason why I tolerate it is cause of the history. I'm in love with another woman but I can't be with her. But y'all can have fun as long as I can too". It was so long and I haven't been responding so she kept sending me more and more messages. So I show them all to you and you're like wow she's horrible but you kinda had this smile at the end like "yeah that's my girl" IT WAS WEIRD. and then she showed up to work and she didn't look like anything I expected her to. And then y'all left together and I woke up