Date: 5/30/2017

By bel9

I dreamed that I was at a gathering a funeral and celebration of the dead.. like día de los muertos.. anyway, i saw my husband but there were 2 of him. A human live version and a ghost version.. I was trying to find my husband to protect him from this ghost imposter.. but the ghost wasn't having it and was there to trick me and scare me.. when I finally found my husband he seamed upset and ignored me.. he was with a girl.. then he calls me.. we leave on a mini train inside this temple.. there are different thing going on in there people hanging out others eating.. entertainment like boxing match.. any who I enter the main chapel room and the ghost give me a scare we finally try to leave the place again but stop at a grave I decide not to go in my husband and there family come out sad.. I had the feeling that my husband ghost look alike what to over come who he was and live his life 😐 it was odd