King Jack Sparrow's Escape

Date: 8/22/2017

By lucid14

There was about to be a huge battle and my kingdom was under attack. I was the king and had a weaker army than who was attacking me. I gave my kingdom a pep talk and told them "If you listen to your officers, keep fighting and move forward we might have a chance." I walked into the crowd and wore common clothes so I wouldn't be a target. Max was with me and was going to help protect me. The other kingdom started their attack and I yelled "Open fire!" The area was small and there was this large gate that we needed to protect. I found myself hiding behind this tree with some enemy troops shooting at me. Max wasn't around and I needed to protect myself. I defended myself from the enemy but one of my own soldiers started shooting at me. I yelled something like, "No I'm your king!" But he didn't believe me I was shot but was wearing a bulletproof proof vest so I just laid on the ground for a while. Eventually I ended up at my dads house. I was captured from the war and was now captain Jack Sparrow captured by Barbosa. At one point Barbosa trapped on of my men in a pool that was able to make it seem like a bunch of sea monsters were swimming around and biting him. "I said please don't, I would never do that." But he continued anyway. Eventually I was rescued by Elizabeth Swan, she arrived, threw a tube into the water and yelled "Now!" As the Pirates of The Caribbean theme music started to play. I ran into the garage and opened it and yelled "Help! Help!" But no one was around. I started walking down my street and at this point realized it was a dream and was about to start playing with it but then I saw this creepy black mother and her kid and decided I should just wake up so it doesn't become a nightmare.