Date: 1/24/2019

By Rigour

It was a winter night and I had just gotten home from seeing my girlfriend. The purge was a thing that was in fact legal. We were home with the lights out just trying to ride out the night untouched. A tapping on the glass was the beginning of the hell that would follow. This man broke in and one by one pulled us from our hiding spots. They raped me in front of my hog tied family, next my mother. After the assault they put pills in all our mouths and duck taped them shut. My 11 year old brother was the first to go. He gurgled and writhed on the floor unable to spit out the contents of his mouth. His spasms subsided leaving his eyes blank. Me and my mother started around the same time, the duck tape holding vomit and blood in our mouths. We would slowly choke to death on our own vomit. As my spasms slowed and a heavy cold came over me, I looked to my limp mother and now twitching step father. Comment ———————————————- This was just a fucked up dream after a fucked up day.