Realizing my fortune

Date: 1/23/2019

By pinkstar16121

My aunt had told me about this childcare place that accepted people with disabilities and I was excited about it. I was suddenly there with my walker. She was there too but I didn't see her until later. I saw people freaking out over their own struggles, particularly a woman whose nose had wart-like substances on it and was slightly deformed. She and other people wore breathing tubes. The lady was upset about when she can no longer have anymore nose jobs, will people still love her? I felt bad and grateful I didn't have to go through this. It started to feel like a movie. There was this movie and there was another movie I wanted to see. I made my way across the place, which was a house and I found my way to the bathroom and I asked her about the movie and this part is vague to me now but it felt like some secret being revealed that involved my deceased grandmother and I remember it was upsetting. It involved the context of the depressed nose job lady and how my family allowed that to happen. Idk