Sadness and Fighting spiritis

Date: 11/9/2016

By richilye

I was talking on the phone with some girl (I don't know who she is tho). She told me that she was together with a guy who is a complete jerk and that she hates him. then she told me that she gave birth to 2 kids, then I said "I thought you didn't wanted to have kids", she told me that the guy forced her to it, and that she had to give-up on her dreams because of that. I started feeling really sad, then we finished talking; I sat on a staway and started cry. it was in some sort of temple, I felt like I had lost all my emotions, I started chasing and eliminating spirits inside that temple, I didn't feel a thing, I just wanted to end them. I was chasing one of them and I ebded up in a big staircase (those that forms asquare around and the middle is just an open hole), I spotted the spirit some levels down, I started going after it, then it ENDED.