Star Wars!

Date: 6/25/2019

By stev54356

So I remember I started off with my mom and my brother and we were skiiing and I remember we were on a mountain and the skiiing was crazy cause it was very unsafe and I remember when I went to go ski if I jumped off a high area it would zoom out to 3rd person and see my and the entire mountain and it was beautiful but with that I crashed a good bit cause of the big jumps and after I remember I was sore then it would switch to like a arcade area but it was like people sitting down and we’re talking then all of us play a game to were well say something and if you’ve done it then you gotta switch seats with someone who’s also done it and it was real crazy then we turn to the arcade and everything was star wars related in the arcade and I remember these 2 guys were funny and we played basketball but he had 4 pieces of white bread in this hand and I almost blocked it but he scored the bread then I saw a ton of other games and we went out to get tickets or something and it turned to like a dusty plains setting going to a wall to get tickets and then it stopped