🎁👨‍👩‍👦‍👦😭 Family Drama and Antiquities

Date: 3/19/2019

By peachkeedi

My parents were having a huge garage sale in an antique shop. They were selling a bunch of antiques and furniture and paintings. I started looking through all the things and realized that most of the stuff they were selling were supposed to be gifts for my siblings. I got really upset and start saying things like "I'm the forgotten middle child" and "you guys never cared enough to buy me toys." My whole family got really upset and started apologizing to me and I started crying and I ran away to a dressing room that was in the back of this antique shop that I guess my parents owned. I hid in a dressing room for a while and eventually my sister is Ashley and Bri came to me with a bottle of perfume and apologized. I pushed the perfume back at them and said I don't want your pity gift and walked away. They were really upset about it. they disappeared for a while and came back with a really ugly 50s shirt that had apples all over it. I hated the shirt but I took their apology and went back to hang out with my family. Then I woke up