Digital art, A group of friends are engaged in a lively game of laser tag inside a store, with colorful beams of light bouncing off the shelves and aisles as they navigate through the thrilling challenge, unaware of the outcome.

Lazier Tag in Store

Date: 5/6/2017

By Hikertrash48

So the dream began at an older house. I was trying to get ready for something, I don't know what. None of the rooms had doors, except the bathroom. I was trying to get dressed in what I assume was my room. Some little kid kept trying to watch me as I was about to change, but I'd keep running him off. Eventually I grabbed a hold of his shirt and slapped him as hard as I could. He just laughed and ran off. I got dressed and he returned so I picked up a yard stick, bent the kid over, and started spanking the kid. He didn't cry or anything, he just laughed. Then I was at a store kind of like Walmart. A group of friends and I were apparintly playing laser tag inside the store. I'm pretty sure my team lost though I couldn't find them.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, there are multiple settings and scenarios; each has its own symbolic meaning. The dream appears to reflect a combination of emotions, interpersonal dynamics, and a desire for competition. The initial part of the dream takes place in an older house. The lack of doors in the rooms may represent a sense of vulnerability or a lack of boundaries in your waking life. You seeking privacy while getting dressed suggests a need for personal space or a desire for others to respect your boundaries. The presence of the little kid trying to watch you indicates a feeling of intrusion or invasion of your personal space. Your reaction, slapping and spanking the child, could signify frustration or anger towards those who disregard your boundaries. However, the child's laughter suggests that these actions may not have a serious impact on them. This may reflect feelings of powerlessness or ineffectiveness in enforcing your own boundaries. The transition to the store, similar to Walmart, introduces the concept of competition and camaraderie through the laser tag game. Laser tag is typically an interactive game that involves teamwork and strategic planning. Playing with friends in the dream could symbolize your real-life social connections and the desire for shared experiences. The fact that you couldn't find your team and suspecting that you lost suggests a fear of being left behind or excluded in some way. This could reflect a fear of social disconnection or a sense of not fully participating in a group dynamic. Overall, this dream suggests a mix of emotions relating to personal boundaries, frustration with intrusion, and the desire for social engagement and competition. It may be helpful to consider how these themes resonate with your waking life experiences and relationships to gain further insight.