Parking Lot and School

Date: 7/9/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was in this parking lot and I was walking towards a building. I couldn't find my earplug so I panicked and started looking for it into holes in the ground and other stuff. I found another one which I've seen before (maybe in another dream because I have never owned it) which was a glow-in-the-dark one. Then the dream moved to this school. I was doing something that I do not remember, probably looking for someone, and I was going around this school which was supposed to be mine but was totally different and much much bigger. It had all kinds of rooms, one for people who did ballet, I was wandering around the school in pointe shoes and showed the person who was in there I was a ballerina and he was super excited, there were a lot of rooms full of books, pianos, in one of them I found some rings and stuff that the person had removed from their hand but then forgot and left them there. In another room there were two pianos, really close to each other, someone was playing really well, there were two people, one was a guy with short brown hair and the other one was a girl who looked a lot like a person I know, she has really dark, straight but kinda fluffy hair and she was coming out from the piano and playing the other way round, like her body came out of the piano, it was really weird. I've visited other rooms but I can't recall them now.