Stars and their secrets

Date: 5/31/2019

By MelodyPond

It was a gorgeous night. The sky was a silky blue, and countless stars glimmered, shining down on us. We were laying in a clearing in the woods. The grass smelled sweet and the scent of lilacs danced on the winds. Trees swayed in the slight breeze. Birds were starting to quiet down. Among all this peace, my heart skipped in my chest. He was an angel in earth. Chestnut hair and eyes that one could get lost in. A tone of voice that was smoother than silk of any kind. He reached for my hand. His skin was soft, his touch, gentle. The grass beneath us rustled as he moved closer. He pulled me to the warmth of his chest. This was heaven. He whispered my name and I looked up. We locked eyes and I lay there, trapped in his gaze. I could feel my heart speed up and my skin warm. The cold air stung my legs but that did not matter. He smiled, it was so pure and bright. I couldn’t believe it. Life was beautiful, and precious. The flowers seemed to bloom brighter under the moons light. We both stared up into the sky. Free.