Date: 1/21/2017

By mugen_

Ever since joining uni, I've been having dreams about it. Not necessarily the institution itself, but generally it all has some connection towards it. I think this one was a daydream, only lucid. Sleeping at around mid-day, I found myself on a yellow slanting hill. Now usually I have some sort of feeling that I have "objectives" I'd like to complete, so I started walking around. Suddenly the entrance of my uni appeared. (No, unfortunately not like the animus) I became completely aware, and it was a really good feeling, because I knew this was a daydream , it felt like complete freedom. I felt like I was testing my own thoughts, to see if I actually see things clearly(perfectionist). I acted the way I do in normal life .. observing everything, especially the characters, being very conscious of time and space. Sadly, the dream started fading away, the way it feels when you're transitioning from sleep back into reality. This was a while back though so, there's tonnes I've left out.