Computer stolen and people dying from nowhere, also LUCID.

Date: 3/4/2017

By richilye

It was Sunday, I was at my dad's tools stall, and for some reason I brought my computer with me. I put it under the stall, I walked for a bit and when I looked back, it was gone. I got super angry/worried/pissed, etc. It had everything I have so far, including its hardware that were expenaive. I also got worried 'cause I borrowed a cpu from a friend to use on my pc 'till I could afford one myself, now I would need to buy him one and one for myself. The dream went for 2 days of me being like that. Then, scene change. I forgot most of it. I was inside some big house, it was dark and only light from the moon and occasionally some torchs, but they were a bit rare. A song was playing the entire time, it was "Secret Forest" from Chronno Triiger. I was walking around and see people dying out of nowhere, I can't remember how they looked like, then I entered a room in which there was a guy in a chair and he aged all at once and died, it was the last person I saw, then I thought it must be a dream, 'cause something wasn't right (I can't remember why thou). I laught devilish and shouted "I'M DREAMING" really loud while laughing, I then calmed down and tried to think of what to do, I walked a bit like a zombie and opened a portal yo somewhere, I woke up before I could do anything.