Two old jobs and a hostage situation

Date: 3/13/2021

By Purple

In my dream I was walking out of a building. It looked like it was the building where my father‘s parents lived when I was a kid. The lobby was set up differently and they were chairs and sofas around. On one of the seats was an old lady. She was talking casually to a man and a woman, also elderly. However, she was pointing a gun at them. She was talking in a friendly manner and addressed them by their first names. The lady with the gun said hello to me pleasantly as I exited the building. Because it seemed odd, I called 911. While on hold, there was a description along with the names of these three elderly people warning that one of them is armed and dangerous. I tried to get through to them to tell them that I knew the exact location of where they were. However, I was put on hold. I seemed to be holding for a long time. I finally said that I know the whereabouts. They put me on hold again. Then they came back on and told me a number to call. I tried to memorize the number. It seems like a weird number to me. I did call the number. I kept having to redial because I was not getting the digits right. I was on my way to a destination. The scene changed when I reached my destination. It happened to be the school that I worked for 30 years ago. It seemed to take forever to get to my desk. While others in my department had long been settled in to their new desks, I hardly spent any time there. I put down my belongings and proceeded to dial the number to the police once more. I was trying to be patient to tell them that I knew the whereabouts of these three people. However, who knows how much time passed and if the lady with the gun had a get away car coming for them. Meanwhile, the scene at my job seemed very peculiar. The people appeared to be familiar to me and they knew me. My desk seemed familiar enough for me to put my things down. But like I said, I’ve barely spent any time there. On my way over to my desk, there was a lot of activity and buzzing of people excited for the party that everyone was preparing for. There were party decorations everywhere. It seems that this job in my dream combined the job I had in the school 30 years ago along with a job I had at the hotel 10 years ago. In both places, I held the same job title. The halls and public areas seemed to combine a college’s areas and a hotel’s public areas, like the two jobs where I worked. I continued to try calling this weird number once more and put my belongings down at my desk. I don’t know if I was able to get through or not in my dream. I briefly felt guilty for not helping with the setting up, but everyone seemed to be festive and doing a good job, not appearing to need me or even notice I haven’t helped. I had to get to a certain area to drop something off. This was for my job. I couldn’t get there from stairs or an elevator. I literally had to jump. It must’ve been a distance of greater than five feet. It reminded me of the batman pole. I don’t know how I was able to do that in the past. I was too frightened to try it out. I said, “Ugh, I can’t do this today.” A colleague read my mind and offered to do it for me. We joked I will bake them a thank you gift and bartered what they wanted me to make them.